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Aperion Bravus II 10D 500W Powered Subwoofer (Black Gloss)

Aperion Bravus II 10D 500W Powered Subwoofer (Black Gloss)
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Brand: Aperion

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UPC: 817968002409SKU: B10D-HGB
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Aperion Bravus II 10D 500W Powered Subwoofer (Black Gloss)
Aperion Bravus II 10D 500W Powered Subwoofer (Black Gloss)
Aperion Bravus II 10D 500W Powered Subwoofer (Black Gloss)
Aperion Bravus II 10D 500W Powered Subwoofer (Black Gloss)

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10" Single Active + Dual 10" Passive 500W Class-D Powered Subwoofer

The eternal problem solved - you want a sub that can deliver serious impact, but your significant other insists that size matters, and in this case smaller is much better. The 10D represents the best of both worlds! The 10D’s dual 10” drivers offer the performance you’d expect from much a larger subwoofer but squeezed into a small cabinet for the perfect fit in any medium to large room. Add 500 watts of digital power and you’ve got a sub that will take your music and movies to amazing new highs… and lows.

Key Features:
- Single down-firing active 10" aluminum driver
- Dual side-firing 10" aluminum passive radiators
- 500 watt class D amplifier
- USB power jack for easy wireless connection
- Small internally braced 3/4" HDF sealed enclosure
- Virtually vibration-free cabinet
- Ten (10) years warranty on cabinets and drivers, Two (2) years on amplifiers

Customer Reviews For Bravus II 10D Powered Subwoofer

Part of an A+ Home theater system Mark
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I received this in Oct '13. This is part of a 7.1 home theater system. I am using VGB for the fonts a VGC and then L6-ICs and L6-IWs for surrounds. Once I had the system adjusted and broken in this melded perfectly with the rest of the system. For music it gives the fullness and roundness to the sound. For movies and TV it delivers the LFE with just the right amount of punch. The 10" is just enough for my 12'x25' room, I have been debating as to whether or not I should get a 12" Bravus to have some headroom.
The reason I gave this 4 stars for overall rating is for the fact that it does not have a trigger input. My system (surround processor and separate amp) uses 12v triggers and although this really doesn't need them it would have been nice to have that option. (5/24/14)
Very Good Subwoofer for 17 x 20 basement home theater Gary R.
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I have a 5.1 basement/family room home theater using 3 6-LCR speakers up front, 2 L6-IW speakers in the rear, and a Bravus 10D subwoofer - all powered by an Onkyo 707 receiver. Movies are projected by an Epson 8350 onto a 110" Elite screen. The Aperion speakers and subwoofer work together to make an excellent cinema sound system. Installation was very easy and the look of Aperion's in-wall speakers is clean. Sound quality is very good at all volume levels with no discernible distortion. Dialog is crisp. Special effects are nicely enhanced with the Bravus IIa 10D subwoofer. I would highly recommend this set-up. I was curious whether the 10D sub would do the job for my carpeted room. Although the home-theater space is 18 (front to back) by 20 (side-to-side), it has no left wall (as I face the screen), rather it is open to a bar and pool table area. I placed the sub in the front-right corner so that it would have two walls from which to reflect. It sounds great. In fact, I don't even need to crank it up all the way in order to fill the room with earth-shaking vibrations during selected movie scenes.
I've evaluated 8, 10, 12, 15 and dual subs from several vendors in my space, and have determined that the Bravus IIa 10D's are the right fit for the right type of sound. Anything larger is just too much - unless you happen to like that overly exaggerated type of sound. Aperion's 30-day return privilege, 10-year warranty, lifetime support, and on-line audio reviews convinced me to give this company's products a try. I'm glad I did. Aperion provides tremendous value for a quality product.

Pro Reviews For Bravus II 10D Powered Subwoofer

Home Theater Review of the Bravus IIa 10D
"For $799 direct, the Bravus II 10D from Aperion Audio is one of my favorite subwoofers under a grand that is currently available today. When you throw in the fact that the Bravus II 10D, like all Aperion Audio products, comes standard with free shipping and a 30-day, in-home trial backed by a money back guarantee - you quickly see why I have no qualms about recommending the Bravus II 10D to any two channel or home theater enthusiast."

- Andrew Robinson, Audioholics.com, July 2011

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SoundStageXperience.com Reviews Aperion Intimus 5T Tower Speakers
"Aperion is just as interested in providing quality service as it is in making money."

"My friends, none of whom are audiophiles, were floored by how good each album sounded. What was most surprising for me was just how well the 5Ts and the 10D handled higher volumes. Even at a volume that likely rivaled that of my drums, I couldn't discern any deterioration of sound quality. My experience with high-quality audio gear is rather limited and my ears are untrained, so I don't have the lexicon to give a totally adequate description of just how the system sounds, but I guess if I had to use one word it would be solid."

"There's definitely something very special and satisfying about hearing an album you've listened to hundreds or even thousands of times as though it were the first time you'd ever put it on."

- Andrew Jones, SoundStageXperience.com, December 2010

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Single Active & Dual 10" Passive High-Excursion Custom Aluminum Drivers
We designed Bravus with dual custom aluminum drivers for efficient high-performance. One part rigid precision, one part low bass extension - shake well with a healthy helping of linearity, and you're left with three drivers to take your music and movies to new depths. Aluminum offers the perfect blend of strength and mass to keep the class D digital amp operating efficiently. Couple this with a heavy duty rubber surround and a precision motor structure and you get bass that is deep and linear. To make things even better, we packed three drivers in a small gorgeous enclosure so your Bravus 10" sub offers the performance of a larger sub but takes up less space.

500 Watt Digital Power Amplifier
All of the Bravus II subwoofers use an efficient high power class D amplifier with a high current switching power supply. This allows maximum performance output and deep bass authority while maintaining the musical accuracy and detail you expect from Aperion Audio.

Detachable Power Cord w/ Switchable Voltage
We make it easy to upgrade your cord or take your subwoofer on the road. No matter if you're in Los Angeles or Lisbon, you can easily switch between 110V and 220V power. Just plug in the correct cord, switch the voltage and enjoy. One caveat, though -- We're not responsible for international noise ordinances, so tread carefully and bring bribe money.

Line Level Inputs
Every Aperion subwoofer comes standard with an LFE line level input that connects to any receiver’s subwoofer pre-out. Or, if you don't have a sub-out connection, use the left and right low level inputs with the low level outputs from your pre-amp or receiver.

High Level Inputs
Hook your new subwoofer up to any receiver or amplifier! If you don’t have a sub-out connection on your receiver, you can use the left and right speaker outputs to make setup a snap.

Small Internally Braced 1" HDF Sealed Enclosure
Powerful bass needs a sturdy cabinet. Every Bravus II 10D subwoofer is built out of strong 1" HDF and internally braced to reduce cabinet vibration to nearly nothing.

Timeless Design & Furniture-Grade Finish
Each of our Bravus subwoofers features a timeless design aesthetic and is beautifully finished in high gloss piano black, allowing them to effortlessly blend into your decor. This first-rate cabinetry unites the acoustic qualities of only the most expensive subwoofers with a furniture-grade finish so handsome your coffee table will be jealous.

Leveling Floor Spikes and Footers
Included with each Bravus subwoofer is a set of metal floor spikes with footers and a set of rubber feet. Use the metal spikes on carpet for tighter bass by decoupling the sub from the floor. If you have hard floors, use the footers with your metal spikes or use the included rubber feet to improve bass response and protect your surfaces from scratches or dents.

Acoustically Transparent Grille
Nothing stands between you and your

Download the Bravus Subwoofer Manual


Weight 44.0 lbs
Finish Gloss Black
Frequency Response (- 3dB) 27Hz - 180Hz (- 6dB) 25Hz - 200Hz
Amplifier Power 500W RMS
Woofer 10", High-excursion Aluminum Driver with Dual 10” Passive Radiators
Driver Configuration One Active & Two Passive
Enclosure Type Sealed and Internally Braced 1" HDF
Dimensions 15"H x 13.5" W x 13.5" D (with feet attached)
Product Family Bravus
Placement Location Subwoofer

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