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PLEASE NOTE: Our warehouse has been impacted by significant and unprecedented delays. All orders placed on or after 17/11 will leave our warehouse in approximately 1-2 weeks.
We apologise for any inconvenience this disruption may cause.

Happy holidays! We will reply to your emails and dispatch your orders when we return on the 13th Jan. Thank you.
Due to continued shipping disruptions, orders placed now are NOT guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.
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ONYX BOOX Max Lumi 13.3" HD Fingerprint eReader w/ Front Light

EAN: 6949710304197 SKU: MAX-LUMI
ONYX BOOX Max Lumi 13.3" HD Fingerprint eReader w/ Front LightONYX BOOX Max Lumi 13.3" HD Fingerprint eReader w/ Front LightONYX BOOX Max Lumi 13.3" HD Fingerprint eReader w/ Front LightONYX BOOX Max Lumi 13.3" HD Fingerprint eReader w/ Front Light
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  • 12 Month Australian Warranty
  • Manufactured by: ONYX BOOX
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Model: Max Lumi
  • 30 Reviews
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13.3" HD Mobius Flexible Carta Screen eReader

  • Huge 13.3-inch
  • E Ink Mobius Carta
  • MoonLight 2 feature
  • Protective glass
  • Ideal for educational or technical literature, for musicians & programmers
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Dual touch controls
  • Android 10.0 OS
  • Allows third-party applications
  • Expands the functionality of MAX Lumi
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Upgraded octa-core CPUs
  • UFS 2.1 ROM
  • 6 weeks of standby time
  • QC4.0 provides 2/3 of the battery power in 2 hours

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5 stars - Syncs with Google and Amazon perfectly

This is a phenomenal device. I'm a musician and I use it on stage. Practically never runs out of battery and has an amazing cool and warm set of lights inside. Syncs with my Google account and Amazon account perfectly. 5 stars!
Gavin Wigg, 2021-04-15 on Amazon

Works as advertised. Nice unit.

This is a very nice tool and is well built. It's much lighter than an ipad or standard android tablet, lasts for days on a charge, and wakes up almost instantly from sleep mode. The writing is light years ahead of units just 2 years ago and I have used it for notes, meetings, laying out database diagrams, and sketching. It can used google store, so it's easy to download apps to read newspapers, view incoming efaxes, etc. You can load up all of a meetings notes and PDF's and carry them around for easy review, markup and display. AND the backlight works very well, with different tints and light blending which is all customizable. My only complaint is the lack of a dictionary when reading books/articles. There is a way to install one, but the technique is not intuitive.
Saltaras, 2021-03-25 on Amazon

School tool

This is a great tool for online classes.
Leo kitzinger, 2021-02-27 on Amazon

The best reader for a graphic novels and everything else.

This thing is completely perfect for reading tons of graphic novels and academic articles/PDFs. I’m kind of in love with it. The back light is excellent and I take it everywhere.
Amazon Customer, 2021-02-24 on Amazon


top of the line product.
N12, 2021-01-23 on Amazon

Great tablet for reading, but not iPad replacement

The boox lumi is luxury device with limited uses, but it is a joy to own. The 13 inch e-ink screen is outstanding for reading & drawing outside in bright sunlight, where a laptop or iPad is impossible to use. The operating system is quite good, allowing me to use multiple different e-reader apps, news apps, adblocker, as well as a web browser for blogs/webnovels. It also syncs everything seamlessly through web storage software such as Dropbox & Calibre-go (for ebooks). The battery life is quite good - probably more than 20 hours when reading ebooks, so I only need to charge it about once per week.That being said, due to the laggy nature of the e-ink screen, this is not an iPad replacement. For nearly everything besides reading, the iPad is far superior. This includes web browsing, playing music, educational software, email, etc. Also, the advantages of the e-ink screen are not as significant indoors. The only reasons for getting the Boox is (1) significantly better battery life (2) reading outdoors (3) better stylus for taking notes. If you can only afford one, get the iPad. In case you haven't noticed, a refurbished iPad pro is actually much cheaper than the Boox.For those who do get the Boox Lumi, here are a few tips. First, the built-in keyboard is terrible, so you should install the "gboard" app to replace it. Second, the Boox software tries to "automatically whiten app backgrounds" by default, which makes most apps completely white and therefore unusable. You need to manually disable this for each individual app you use. Finally, by default, the device shuts down automatically after X minutes. You should disable this feature in the settings, because it causes a lot of inconvenience every time it powers off, and doesn't save much battery life (the device can last for weeks in standby mode, without powering off).
babymastodon, 2020-12-25 on Amazon

Amazing E-reader

Yesterday, I received an early Xmas present from my wife, Rachel. I have always been an avid reader, usually several books a week. I have used e-readers since the first 10 inch Kindle came out, long ago. Since then I have used multiple kindles and earlier this year, a Kobo Forma. They have all been good, especially the Kobo, but none have truly satisfied. Until now:I now own an Onyx Boox Max Lumi. When I opened my first book on this beast I was speechless. Rachel laughed at me, as speechless is not a normal condition for me. The screen is 13.3 inches, think two normal 10 inch tablets, side by side. The display quality is perfect as far as I can tell. The software is fast and smooth, with android 10 standard. It just works! I love good engineering, this is brilliant engineering!This is the best e-reader, I have ever seen. It is expensive, but if you can afford one and read as much as I do, it is well worth the money. It is large, the display is the size of a standard sheet of paper and it is light, about the weight of a medium size paperback book. I installed a number of apps, NY Times, Washington Post, etc. and they work well. I then installed the Calibre companion app to see if the Lumi would connect to my Calibre book library over WiFi. After giving the app permission it connected and worked the first time. Very impressive!I have only had the Lumi for a few days and there is much to learn as this thing is very powerful. For people considering this as primarily a book reader do not be intimidated by the variety of features available. I was able to load and start reading a book within a few minutes. Kindle is a app on the Lumi so you can read the books you already own or get new ones that way, if you wish. When you are ready to explore the other features, there are plenty of YouTube videos to help and most things seem fairly intuitive.At this size. the Lumi is not the e-reader to stuff in your purse or backpack, but if you love to read at home and your eyes are starting to age, this is Nirvana. This monster will make my Pandemic downtime much more enjoyable as I escape into alternate worlds with my new favorite piece of technology and no design flaws to harsh my mellow.Well done Onyx!
Lauren, 2020-11-11 on Amazon

Best combo reader and writer.

(update regarding some lady at the bottom) This is truly a marvelous device, and really it's 2 and 1/2 devices in one. ONE: it is as a notetaking device -- an absolutely beautiful notetaking experience. While you might want to replace the stylus with a professional grade stylus that fits your purpose, the tips that are included are absolutely perfect for the surface of the screen. So it is fully a fantastic device for taking notes longhand. TWO: it is a brilliant reader -- PDF, e-reader and many other types of files -- such as academic articles, court cases, magazines, and documents and also for marking them up. And connected to the additional "1/2", it also supports a wide myriad of reader applications such as Kindle, since it is an android device. 1/2: It is a functional android device, and with special screen modes that update faster than an e-ink display typically does (at a slightly expense of ghosting), but of course, as a monochrome device and an e-ink reader that refreshes in its unique way, there are some limitations. But it works well for apps where the focus is reading. The only drawback is a bit of a stylus lag in android-native applications (whereas its native notetaking and markup apps do not have any lag at all), but I am hopeful that there will be a software patch to improve this. But overall, it should be noted that its glowlit display is truly spectacular and has a large range of color temperature that you can adjust to. It is also amazingly thin and has a very high build quality. This device is compatible with a huge range of styluses, and I'd highly recommend the STAEDTLER Noris digital jumbo stylus, which has an eraser and a "gen-pen" like feel with its standard tip (and more of a pencil feel with, ironically, the tip that comes with the Lumi). Considering all the functions that are wrapped into this device, I think it's fully worth the price, given its productivity benefits versus a phone in the same price range (which is really a better comparison than a touch-screen laptop). Also this is also designed as an external monitor for your computer which works well for word processing and/or reading(!).For stylus-specific lag issues in Android apps (as the native Lumi applications are more responsive than even reMarkable 1), all you have to do is disable the animation filter (set to zero) in the application specific settings which are accessible through the floating ball quicklaunch menu. For whatever reason, this improves things quite significantly!! Onyx should write something to temporarily set to zero whenever it detects the pen in use,..
Jaime, 2020-11-10 on Amazon

if you can't make sure you will want it just buy Lumi from Amazon

If you can't make sure you will want it just buy Lumi from Amazon ,Amazon is the really one platform who can really help you. Me and one of my office Colleague, we got our Lumi from boox shop. Lumi is really better E-ink reader for me, we have to read all kinds menu ,A4 PDF and documents every day, there much eyestrain, I think it's just the best choice for me. my Colleague think the other small one note-air will much better for him, so he want to return and change , the Boox shop refused him with full refund, they told him if return , he will be charge 15% restocking fee and handling fee and shipping costs (back and forth) and the other unknow's depend the return item keep the original condition package ,,,btw, no one noticed the bill , there has another exchange fee about $26,this fee will charge every buyer whatever you keep or return this item because you pay US money exchange to China RMB, of cause you don't need pay tax for Boox online shop. So , if you don't make sure you finally need the item from Boox , just don't buy from Boox , Amazon is the best best online shop in the whole world, whatever, you pay here, you will get enough respect and best service. BTW, about the free accessories which come with the Lumi , the stand is sucks ! it's smell awful while you open the box, and mine stand already broken at the same day while I try to use it , it's made by cheap plastic , easy to broken, the case for Lumi is ok, the extra screen protector is fine , the other tiny accessories just so so,you can get better one from Amazon with few bucks. Anyway you get what you pay. Their custom service is not really good. Anyway, my friends keep his Lumi , and just wait buy another items from Amazon. So, if you want Boox , just buy it from better online shop with good service .
E, 2020-10-23 on Amazon

Best 13.3" E-ink Tablet on the Market.

If you don't have eye health concerns, please don't buy this device.iPad can be a better tablet for you: Less expensive, much quicker response!I have had many e-ink Kindles, 13.3" e-ink devices (Sony DPT-S1, DPT-RP1, Oynx Boox Max, Max 2, and Max3.)I can tell Max Lumi should be the top 1 13.3" e-ink tablet you should have right now.I will not address too many personal reviews here;just buy one via Amazon, and try it!If you don't like Max Lumi, just return it back;then please don't spend money and time on other 13.3" E-ink tablets,you will not love them anyway.
Ian500, 2020-10-12 on Amazon