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Aperion Verus II Grand Tower Floorstanding Speakers Pair Black

Aperion Verus II Grand Tower Floorstanding Speakers Pair Black
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Brand: Aperion
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Aperion Verus II Grand Tower Floorstanding Speakers Pair Black
Aperion Verus II Grand Tower Floorstanding Speakers Pair Black

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Aperion Verus II Grand Tower Speaker (Black Gloss, Pair)

If you want the price of your speaker to be as real as the experience it creates, then you're the reason we designed the Verus II Grand Tower. We've handled the engineering and economics, which means you’ll pay thousands less for sound that lands you and your family in the middle of the action. You're not just watching a car chase - you're careening around a corner, engine rumbling, tires squealing, pulse racing. You're not simply listening to the blues - you're sitting in a roadhouse in Mississippi, hearing the guitarists fingers slide on the strings.

To ensure a true-to-life experience from one end of the spectrum to the other, we combined the Verus II Grand Tower's four proprietary woven Kevlar® woofers and mid-range drivers with our patented Axially Stabilized Resonator™ V2 silk dome tweeter. This blissful match recreates movie audio and music just as the artists intended, for pure, powerful waves of sound.

Whether you're building a music system that takes you to dreamland or a home theater that rivals the multiplex, the Verus II Grand Tower forms the foundation of performances so immersive that you become part of the show. And even when your ears are taking a break, your eyes will delight in the Verus II Grand Tower's striking good looks that’ll make you want to fire them up again.


New One-inch Aperion Axially Stabilized Radiator™

We engineered the new silk dome ASR to handle frequencies beneath most tweeters. Now the mid-high frequencies emit the same crystalline tones as their counterparts in the penthouse. From the pluck of a violin string to the screech of tires, the result is pure, authentic sound.

Two 6" Kevlar Woofers

We use the strongest material coupled with extra-long voice coils to decrease distortion and bring in those low frequencies you love. Strong enough to drive the low end without a dedicated subwoofer, the bass response of the Grand Tower is truly inspiring.

Two 5" Kevlar Midrange Drivers with Aluminum Phase Plugs

Two mid-range drivers with aluminum phase plugs increase the Verus line’s power handling and dynamic range, filling the middle of the sonic spectrum. By recreating the full harmonics of a singer’s voice, the Verus Grand speakers produce vocals as rich as the Rockefellers.

Furniture-Grade Finish

The slim curves of the Verus line’s first-rate cabinetry make us think "supermodel"—but the primo acoustic qualities means she’d have to sound as good as she looks. The finishing touch for every Verus speaker is a high-gloss cherry-wood veneer or piano-black lacquer that’s so right for every décor, your coffee table will be jealous.

Bi-ampable 5-way gold-plated binding posts

Bi-ampable is the techie way of saying you can connect one amplifier to the woofer and the other to the combined mid and tweeter. Separating the low- and high-frequency wiring helps eliminate interaction, isolate power and reduce distortion. The 5-way gold-plated binding posts let you connect your speakers any which way you choose: bare wire, banana plugs, spades, round pins or flat pins. Not only does the gold plating give your system some bling, it also serves a more practical purpose: to resist corrosion and provide the best possible connection to your receiver.

Magnetically Held Perforated Metal Grilles

To protect the speaker innards from accidents, pets or curious fingers, the entire Verus line sports perforated metal grilles that let sound flow through unchecked, improving imaging and reducing high-frequency reflection. Hidden magnets hold the grilles in recessed baffles.

Floor Spikes and Feet

Each Verus Grand Tower speaker comes with a set of floor spikes and feet. Isolating the cabinet from the floor can reduce vibrations and produce tighter bass.

65.0 lbs

Frequency Response
(+/- 3dB) 45-20,000 Hz -- (+/- 6dB) 35-22,000 Hz

6 Ohms

92 d

B Recommended Power
20-300 Watts

300 Hz between woofers & mids, 2.2 kHz between mids and tweeters

1" Custom Aperion ASR Tweeter

Two 5" Woven Kevlar Woofers with Aluminum Phase Plugs

Two 6" Woven Kevlar Woofers with PVC Dust Cap and Rubber Surrounds

Driver Configuration

Enclosure Type
Anti-Resonant, Internally Braced, Dual Rear Ported

43.5" H x 8" W x 12" D

Product Family

Placement Location
Front Speakers

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